Outdoor PCAP Freestanding Touch Screens


Ambient Light Sensor

The display has a light sensor that changes the screens brightness depending on the ambient light ensuring the most suitable brightness at any time.

10-Point PCAP Touch Technology

Using the most responsive and sensitive commercial touch technology available. Not affected by dust or debris on the screen surface.

Toughened Glass

Extra strong glass protects the screens internal components and adds an extra layer of security against vandals.

Sturdy Enclosure

Made from mild steel the enclosure is strong enough to protect the displays components from outside harm such as vandals

Anti Reflective Glass

Diffuses direct sunlight making the display easily readable in bright weather.

Attach Devices

Run the Touch Screen from a PC or Media Player that can be placed within an internal locker.


The screens can be upgraded in various ways including the addition of network features, a camera or more screen sizes.

Ultra High Brightness Panel

2500cd/m2 makes sure this display will always be seen whatever the weather. Over 8 times brighter than that of a standard domestic television to improve the displays image clarity.

Dust Tight

The screen has the highest intrusion protection rating possible meaning it is virtually impossible for dust to enter the enclosure.

Advanced Temperature Control

Designed to run 24/7 in constant use the display has an advanced temperature control system to keep it running at the optimum temperature no matter the environment.

Easy Maintenance

The screen is designed to allow for easy and quick access using hydraulic cylinders when maintenance is required while still being secure.

Weather Proof

An IP65 Rating means the display is able to withstand all weather conditions; wet and dry and also features waterproof over molded AV connectors.

Removable Base

If desired the base can be removed before installation for a more streamline appearance.

Outdoor PCAP Freestanding Touch Screens

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